• The Sex Tapes and Criminal Record

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  • Release The Sex Tapes

    The SEX TAPES is an unbroken stream of music and soundbites, giving the listener the opportunity to appreciate the infinite greatness of the complete work and dive into the "best movie never made," or focus on the six songs one-by-one, like on a conventional record. Pure rock'n'roll innovation!

    Streetdate: March 2nd
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…from the future, 4 intergalactic superstars were sent back through time, on a mission from the lightning gods, to single handedly save rock’n’roll.
Collectively they are known as the SUICIDE BOMBERS.
Armed with razor sharp determination and highly explosive rock’n’roll tunes, these ultimate life-forms are set to take on the world.

History is about to begin!

...over and motherfucking out!

Suicide Gallery

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  • The Sex Tapes cover
  • SUiCiDE BOMBERS The Sex Tapes 2015
  • SUiCiDE BOMBERS Sex tapes 2015
  • Suicide Bombers @Rockefeller 31.aug 2012
  • Lazy Leather @Rockefeller 31.aug 2012
  • Chris Damien Doll @Rockefeller 31.aug 2012

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  • Manager Geir Miranda
  • Tlf : +4747252740
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